Importance of Boiler or Furnace Heating Tune Up in Easthampton, MA & What Does it Include?

Whether you use a boiler or a furnace to heat your Hampshire and Hamden County, Massachusetts home, it is that time of year where you want to consider investing in a tune-up service from Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning. We would like to discuss the benefits of a tune-up and the basics of your tune-up service.

Benefits of Boiler & Furnace Heating System Tune Up

There are many factors that effect the performance and efficiency of your heating system; dust, dirt, and debris buildup is a prime example. When the heating system is impacted with obstacles and restrictions not only does the performance suffer but it will increase the operating cost with the extra strain it has to do to compensate. A major part of the tune-up service is the removal of the dirt and grime to ensure the components are working proficiently when the thermostat is adjusted to reflect the colder outdoor temperatures. The following are the primary benefits of a heating system tune-up:
– Improved heating efficiency and reduced operating costs.
– The risk of heating system failure significantly minimizes.
– Preventing major, costly repairs and reducing the need for normal repairs.

Spring & Fall HVAC Tune Ups

The best times to get your heating tune-up is during the spring and fall seasons. Preventative maintenance just after or before the season is ideal. Ensuring your heating system is readily prepped for the upcoming season can help gain the benefits. Ensuring your heating system is done early can help you with the availability and convenience of getting it scheduled. Early detection gives technicians the opportunity to repair any underlying issues before the temperatures are uncomfortably chilly. Additionally, if there are major problems, homeowners have to time to shop for a replacement unit.

What Does a Heating System Tune Up Include?

A professional heating tune-ups can slightly vary from various HVAC companies, but there are commonalities and routine protocols that are included in a heating tune-up service. Heating tune-up tasks may include:
1) The hydronic system is evaluated for leaks. Eventually a loss of pressure in the system, affecting efficiency, occurs when there is a leak, even a small one.
2) Air flow is checked for restrictions as that can lead to increased energy costs.
3) The condensate drains are checked if applicable.
4) All the electrical connections, motors and controls are inspected for safety and proper function and connections.
5) Inspection of oil connections, pressure, and burner combustion are assessed for condition and function.
6) Vents, drafts and flues are inspected for leaks.
7) Any dirt, dust and grime that affects performance is cleaned.
8) The thermostat settings are checked to ensure they are both energy-efficient and comfortable for your home.
9) According to manufacturer’s recommendations and checks all safety components including the limit controls, the system’s specifications are reset as needed.
10) Perform safety inspection of the heat exchanger.

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Overall, the heating system tune-up is an essential element to the maintenance, condition, and longevity. Call Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule a heating tune-up today.

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