Why Upgrade to a High Efficiency HVAC System for Your Business in Westfield, MA

Whether you are a property manager, or you own your own business, upgrading to a newer, high efficiency HVAC system installed by Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning can have countless benefits for your business. According to a recent study conducted by the International Energy Agency (IEA), businesses who switched to more energy efficient appliances and lighting methods had higher customer satisfaction ratings. This study showed things like how Thermal Quality, Air Quality and humidity levels all had an effect on how hospitable the indoor environment was and how satisfied customers and employees were inside the business. On average, older HVAC units have a lifespan of about 15 years or so. If your unit is creeping up in age, making noticeable noises or doesn’t work as efficiently as it once did, it’s time for an upgrade. As business owners, we understand the need to budget and make money-wise decisions. Your HVAC system saves you all year long by controlling the climate in your business. This is one investment that should have careful considerations taken. So, what are some of the benefits that come with upgrading to a newer HVAC model that has a higher upfront cost? Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will break it down for you!

New HVAC System Energy Savings

Monthly costs add up for business owners quickly. Older units tend to be vampires of energy consumption and can account for more than 50% of your energy bill each month! Upgrading to a more energy efficient unit will save you hundreds in energy costs each year! This means your unit pays for itself over time!

Quiet Air Conditioner & Furnace

You don’t want distracting noises to turn your customers off. Squeaking and banging are never attractive sounds for one to hear. Newer HVAC models come equipped with state-of-the-art sound absorbing materials that ensures a quieter operation.

Better Climate Control System

Older units have a harder time keeping up with the workload businesses require to keep their customers comfortable. Business owners have to keep their businesses a bit cooler than a home does. This means a lot of units have to work overtime to keep the business at its desired temperature. Often times, they lack in the ability to do so resulting in warm spots throughout the business. Most new units come equipped with brand new thermostats, some are even Wi-Fi/smart home compatible! When you pair your new thermostat with your new energy efficient unit you can take control over not just the temperature, but your energy costs as well!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with a New HVAC Unit

Installing a High efficiency, energy saving HVAC system at your business isn’t just beneficial to your bottom line, it’s better for the environment too. By using 1/3 less fuel and eliminating the need for greenhouse gas emissions, you are giving the environment a giant green hug. In today’s world, customers are more likely to shop with businesses that are eco-friendly. Energy Star estimates that commercial properties with energy efficient appliances such a high efficiency HVAC unit can earn 8% more in rental income per square foot.

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Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning can aid you in finding the right unit for your business. No matter your needs, big or small, we can help you to find the perfect fit and serve you and all your HVAC needs. Call the pros today!

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