Is it Normal for AC to have Water Inside in Granby, MA? Should I Turn Off a Leaking A/C Unit?

It can be concerning when you walk by your AC unit and notice that there is a little bit of water leaking from your unit. While water is a normal part of cooling your home, it isn’t something that you want to see pooling anywhere. This can be a sign of a problem that needs to be dealt with. Knowing what you are dealing with is the first step in getting it fixed. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about what pooling water around your AC unit might mean.

Clogged Condensate Drain

The most likely issue that could be causing water to pool and leak around your AC unit is a clogged condensate drain. The condensate drain is in place to help move away the water that is removed from the air in your home during the cooling process. Many homeowners don’t realize that one of the main goals of your AC system is to remove humidity to help cool down the house. If that humidity isn’t able to drain away from the unit through the condensate drain, it will start to pool up and can cause problems.

What Causes Clogged Condensate Drains

If you have a clog in your condensate drain, there is a chance that you don’t realize it until your unit starts to act up. Of course, you might walk by and notice that there is some water leaking from the unit, but if your unit is shut away inside your utility closet, you might not notice it at first. This can lead to significant problems with your cooling system. It begs the question, what causes the clog in the first place? Well, the condensate drain isn’t very large in diameter. It is also shut away in a dark, cool place. It is the perfect place for mold to start to thrive and become a problem. This is usually the cause of a clog in your condensate drain. It is worth giving it a good inspection before you turn your unit on each year.

Problems Caused by Water Pooling in the Unit

Water pooling inside your unit can create big issues for your cooling system. This is mainly because of all the electrical connections inside the unit that keep your system running. The control boards found there can become damaged by the water that is pooling up. You will be facing seriously expensive repairs if you allow water to pool. Not only that, but the water will eventually start to leak out of the unit and will saturate anything that is found near your unit. You might have some of your belongings in the same closet as your AC unit. All of the items inside that closet can sustain damage when sitting in a pool of water.

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If you have noticed that your AC is leaking water, you can turn to Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning to come and take a look. We will be able to clean out any clogs that could be causing the excess water to be present. Call us today!

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