Is Short Cycling Bad for a Furnace in Northampton, MA? How Do I Stop My Heater from Running Nonstop?

In an attempt to help the house reach its ideal temperature, short cycling means when your furnace continues to run and stop over and over again for short periods. This can occur anywhere from 3 to 8 times per hour and leads to a heating cycle of seven to 20 minutes, depending on the furnace condition and outside temperatures. Even more severe problems than lack of heat can develop when you ignore a short cycle problem. Though it may be just as simple as a defective air filter or a defective thermostat, it may lead to a fault in components of your furnace. Today, we at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to discuss the common causes for a furnace short cycling.

What Causes a Gas or Electric Furnace to Short Cycle?

Bad Blower Motor. The blower motor is essential for circulating air around your home. No air would flow through the heat exchangers, freezing the evaporator coil and shutting down the furnace should you turn off the blower motor.
Air Supply is Blocked. You might need a furnace tune up if in the event you find the air vent of the furnace obstructed. It won’t let enough heat pass through, causing your furnace to short cycle if the heat exchanger does not get enough air.
Clogged Filters & Dirty Blower. Filters get clogged, dirty, and overheat the heat exchanger, especially when you do not change your air filters often. A dirty blower wheel can possibly cause your furnace to be turned on and off too quickly. It will not function when the blade in the blower wheel pushes air and causes it then to be obstructed by dirt.
Dirty Exhaust Vent. If it is dirty, the exhaust vent could make the furnace short cycle. It blocks it and ends up accumulating hot gases in your furnace and overheating when dirt, leaves or other material is stuck in the pipe.
Faulty Thermostat. Since it controls your heating system’s temperature, a damaged thermostat could cause problems with the furnace. Failure of your thermostat can be due to several factors. Cables, the batteries, or the thermostat may need to be replaced.
Thermostat is Too Close to a Heat Source. The thermostat can be caused to be switched on and off erratically when the thermostat is close to any heat source, such as direct sunlight, the temperature is skewed. You will need to hire a specialist to repair any outdated wiring, transfer it to a more appropriate position.
Oversized Furnace. Because it heats your house too quickly and then suddenly switches it off if it’s too big for home, your furnace may short cycle. The procedure is repeated when your house gets cold again. In order to solve this problem, you need repairs by the professionals.
Dirty Flame Sensor. Because the flame is not recorded, and the gas valve shuts off repeatedly, a corrosive or unclean flame sensor could lead to frequent shutdowns of your furnace. Before it could cause a major problem, you should get furnace services to inspect this.

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