My Boiler is Making Banging Noises; Scale & Other Causes of Kettling in Longmeadow, MA

For those with boiler heating systems it is common for your boiler to kettle. Boiler kettling is when you hear a rattling noise coming from the boiler. When rattling occurs inside a boiler’s tank or when it begins to kettle, it can be a sign of a problem. Kettling can indicate there is a problem with the boiler that reduces efficiency and even destroys the boiler if not corrected. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share more about kettling and what can cause it to occur.

Boiler Scale Mineral Deposits

When kettling occurs in a boiler it is most often due to mineral deposits. Most common with boilers exposed to hard water, minerals can build up inside the boiler system. When there are high levels of calcium salt inside the water it can lead to limescale developing on the internal surface of the boiler. Limescale deposits cannot break down if left unattended and will continue to build up. As more and more limescale or mineral deposits build up, the limescale will fall to the bottom of the boiler tank. Combined with heat when the boiler is activated, the mineral deposits inside the boiler can lead to a loud banging or rattling sound, which is often referred to as kettling. The mineral deposits can cause the water to heat up slower and reduce the boiler’s efficiency. Additionally, mineral deposits can reduce the life of the boiler if not corrected.

Improper Boiler Settings

Rattling or a knocking noise in a boiler can be due to improper settings or even due to poor installation of the boilers. When a boiler setting isn’t set correctly it causes the boiler to overheat. When the water overheats the boiler can become backed up and when cold water enters the system, it can form sludge inside the boiler. The boiler setting will need to be corrected to prevent future kettling. Another similar problem is when the boiler system is too large for the space it is heating. Sometimes the pump can become stuck and lead to a loud banging or rattling noise or kettling.

Boiler Kettling Prevention

To prevent kettling due to mineral deposits, you may want to consider installing a central heating protector. A central heating protector can prevent corrosion or sludge from building up inside the boiler. When a boiler develops mineral deposits, the boiler may require a special descaler and water softener system to treat the mineral deposits and prevent future mineral deposits. Having the boiler serviced before winter temperatures set in can help ensure the boiler is in good condition and is ready for the winter season. Contact a professional HVAC service to fully inspect and service the boiler to help ensure proper efficiency. If kettling occurs during the heating season make sure to have the boiler professionally inspected and repaired.

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