Procedure for Balancing Air Flow in Springfield, MA Houses; HVAC Inspection, Home Sealing & More

If you want to have your family comfortable in your home you should start with the temperature. The weather outside might be nice but most of the year it is either cold or hot. This means that the temperature in your house will mimic what it is outside. The HVAC unit is used to balance out the temperature and to make it feel more comfortable. Once you have your HVAC unit set with the temperature that you want you might start to notice cold or even hot spots in the house. The temperature in the house should be consistent and balanced. When you start to notice that the air is not balanced in the house and in all the rooms you want to look at ways to correct the problem. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning outlines what you can do to balance the air in your home.

Open Doors & Registers to Balance Forced Air Heating System

One of the mistakes that people make when they are trying to keep the air in the house balanced is how they use the doors and the registers. You want to make sure that you leave the doors open in your home through all the rooms. You may think that closing them is the best option but you want to leave them open. This is the best way to allow the air in the whole house to flow and balance. The easier it is to circulate through the house the better the balance will be. You also want to avoid closing the registers in any of the rooms even if they are not being used. The air will circulate from all rooms and leaving one register closed can cause a hot or cold spot.

Thermostat Placement for HVAC Balancing

The other problem that might be causing your home to not have a balance is with the placement of your thermostat. It is often set in a very general and central location so that it is getting the best reading on the temperature of the air. The problem comes when you have electronics that might be creating heat too close to the thermostat. It can also be if the sun is sneaking in and too close to the thermostat. This will not give a fair assessment of the air in the house so you may have to find a better placement.

Home Sealing to Stop Air Leaks

You also want to make sure that the air that you are cooling or heating is not escaping the house. The air should be kept in the house to be able to create a balanced temperature. You want to see if there are any areas of the house that the air might be leaking. These are called drafts and are often around the doors and the windows. You may need to replace the seals to make sure that you are not allowing the air to get out of the air to get in from outdoors.

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