Pros of an Annual Furnace or Boiler Heating System Inspection & Tune Up Maintenance in Northampton, MA

During the cold winter season, residents of greater Springfield, MA steadily rely on our heating systems. Now is the time, if you haven’t already, to get your heating system tuned-up for this consistent use. Today, we at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to elaborate on your heating system tune-up.

Benefits of an Annual Furnace or Boiler Tune Up

Impacted by many contributing factors, the performance and efficiency of your heating system can be influenced by dirt and dust, along with the debris buildup for instance. The operating costs significantly rises when the system strains to keep up with the demand and the dry soil and debris restricts the heating systems performance. One of the top priorities during a tune-up service is clearing the layers of dirt and debris. When you rely on the heating system more and more as the temperatures continue to drop, having the buildup cleaned from the components can keep everything function efficiently. Other examples of the advantages of a heating system tune-up service include
– The risk of heating system failure is significantly reduced.
– The heating system has increased efficiency and operating costs are reduced.
– Often preventing major, costly repairs, you also decrease the need for normal repairs from wear and tear.

Best Time for Heating System Maintenance

The heating system tune-up is done, as many prefer, just before the regular use, or after the use in the early spring. However, before professionals are overwhelmed with repairs and you can reduce the need of repairs when it is freezing, getting the heating system tuned up before the season begins can ensure you are not waiting days for repairs. Before underlying issues manifest into extreme issues, early detection can ensure these problems are resolved. Additionally, you can have to time to shop for a replacement unit if extensive problems are found. However, as mentioned above, it is definitely better late than never.

General Heating System Tune Up Checklist

Bear in mind that the professional heating tune-ups can slightly vary from various companies, but most have commonalities and routine protocols. A heating system tune-up general tasks include:
1) In accordance to the manufacturer’s recommendations, all safety components such as the limit controls, are checked and the system’s specifications are reset as needed.
2) The comfort for your home is optimized when the settings are checked, as well as to make certain the thermostat and energy-efficiency is ideal.
3) Especially in the areas that performance affected, all dirt, dust and grime are cleaned, particularly.
4) Professionals look for signs of leaks by inspecting vents, drafts and flues.
5) At the oil connections the pressure, and burner combustion, the condition and function are evaluated.
6) The electrical connections, motors and controls are inspected for safety and proper function.
7) The condensate drains are checked if applicable.
8) Air flow is evaluated, and any obstructions are cleared if any existence.
9) A safety inspection is performed on the heat exchanger.
10) The hydronic system is inspected for signs of leaks.

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If your heating system hasn’t had a tune-up yet, call Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today and let our experts get that scheduled and completed sooner than later.

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