Protecting Furnace Vent & Heating Unit System from Snow & Cold Weather in Agawam, MA

The weather is often unpredictable and can be quite harsh. The weather goes from the warmest summer days to cold and dreary winter nights! Over a year period we have gone through all the types of weather in terms of temperature as well as snow, rain, wind and more. You can always check the weather to see what you might be in store for a week at a time but that is not always accurate. Even if it is being prepared for some nasty weather takes some effort. Hot weather can be brutal but one of the hardest to deal with is when the temperature drop below freezing and it is snowing out. The conditions can be bad enough that it is virtually impossible to head out of the house. The snow makes it hard to leave the house because it can build up. The snow does not only affect the way we make plans for the day but it can be more. It can cause trouble for aspects of our home life. The heating and cooling system can take a beating when the snow starts to fall.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Outlines How Snow Can Affect Your Furnace or Heat Pump

Furnace Shuts Off During Snow Storm: One of the most common problems that people have when there is a serious amount of snow and freezing is with their HVAC unit. There are parts of the unit that can be outdoors. When furnaces are covered in snow or ice they are not able to function properly. The heat needs to have air flow in order for the unit to work well. The cold snow will actually cause the unit to shut off in an emergency since the unit is frozen over. This will then cause the house to become cold which can end up being dangerous for some people to stay in. The snow and ice needs to be cleared away from the unit so that it is able to continue to work.
Overworking Furnace During Extreme Cold Weather: The weather outside helps us to decide what we need to do about the temperature in our homes. When the weather outdoors is cold and snowy you want to make sure that you set your heater to a temperature that you want to keep your house to make it comfortable. The problem that many people have with this very low and frigid temperature is that the unit has to work extra hard to keep the house warmed. That often means that you will see a spike in the cost of your heating bill. You also want to make sure that you keep an eye on the unit during these times. That is because as it is overworked it can start to have problems and be in need or repairs. You can have the unit inspected and tuned up to make sure that it is able to keep up with any upcoming weather.

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