Central Heating Furnace & Boiler Noises in Chicopee, MA; Kettling, Humming, Banging & More

Noises are common when it comes to your central heating system but there are some noises that can be worrisome. Many of these noises have a simple fix but there are some that will require professional help. The safest thing to remember is to always call in the professionals if you are ever in doubt.

Noises Central Heating Systems Make

1. Kettling– This is the most common noise heard and it sounds much like a kettle boiling. This sound is usually comforting but when it comes from your boiler it can be alarming. This is noise is due to a buildup of sludge or limescale in the heating system. Powerflushing will be required if the buildup is severe. This is the only way the buildup can be removed so your heating system will work correctly again.
2. Gurgling– Are your radiators making a gurgling noise? A buildup of air in the radiators is the reason this is happening. This may be the reason that that part of the radiator isn’t being fully heated and it’s an easy fix. The solution is to bleed the radiator and you can do it yourself. If this doesn’t fix the gurgling noise, then call in the professionals.
3. Dripping– A dripping noise coming from the boiler might be a leak in the system. This is not a problem you can take care of on your own because the leak is caused by high pressure. Boiler components may also be worn down. It may be less expensive to replace the boiler instead of repairing this issue.
4. Banging– The pipes in the system expand and contract as water passes through them. Pipes that aren’t fitted properly can cause banging noises. This noise will be more noticeable if your pipes are close to the floorboards. The pipes will most likely need to be refitted to correct this issue.
5. Tapping– Incorrectly fitted parts can cause a tapping noise to occur in your central heating system. If you have had a recent service done on your system and you start hearing a tapping noise, then call the professionals to have the part replaced with the correct one. Limescale buildup may be another cause of this noise, especially if you have hard water. Power flushing may help fix the problem.
6. Humming– Loud humming that comes from the boiler may be caused by a problem with the heating elements in the system. This is not a problem you can diagnose on your own. Tampering with the boiler to try and figure it out isn’t smart. Call professionals when humming noises get noticeably louder.

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While noises are a normal part of the central heating system as it works it’s important to determine the normal sounds from the ones that may be problematic. You can try and do the simple fixes on your own but if you are unsure then the safest thing you can do is call the professionals at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning to diagnose the problem and perform any necessary repairs.

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