What Air Furnace Filter is Right for Your HVAC Unit in Monson, MA? Pleated, Media or Washable?

The heating and cooling unit make up your HVAC system along with some other materials. The air that is either heated or cooled is sent through the air ducts. These are metal tubing that is set up to reach each and every room of your home. After the air is circulated in the home it is sent through what is called the return air. This is first stop for the air to be cleansed before it is then sent through your home again. The main component that is there to stop the dirt and debris is called the filter. The filter is placed in the opening that is usually somewhere near the thermostat. A filter for your HVAC unit works the same as any other type of filter. There are filters on your car, vacuum cleaner and even computer. If you never give any attention to the filter and change it out, upgrade or clean it the air that should be flowing will not be able to. This will then reduce the efficiency of the unit and in turn can end up costing you more money. There are some aspects of choosing a filter that you should know. Not all filters are treated the same.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Outlines Several Different Types Of Filters You Can Choose for Your HVAC Unit

Furnace Filter Size Finder: Before you set out to get a new filter for your unit you need to take a few measurements. If you show up to pick up a new filter you may be surprised to find there are endless amounts of sizes and types. You need to be sure that you have taken the measurement of the space that you need to place a filter. You can also take the measurements that are printed on your last filters to ensure that you purchase the right size.
Pleated Air Filter: If you want to go with a filter that is used quite often then a standard pleated air filter is the way to go. Most people that are selling or building a home will use this type of filter. The reason is that the filter because of the pleats has a larger surface area and that means that it can pick up and secure more of the particles that might be passing by. If you chose this type of filter you need to be prepared to change it out often to keep the path clean.
Media Air Filters: If you want to go with a filter that has the surface are of a pleated filter but has more durability then the media air filter is for you. The filter has several layers that when the particles make it through one layer they are likely going to get trapped in another layer. You will need to change out this type of filter about every 30 days as well.
Washable Air Filter: If you want to go with a green filter option then a washable filter is for you. You will need to have two at a minimum. That way while you have one being washed you can have your other in place. The filter will need to be cleaned and set out to dry before it is able to be used again.

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