Residential Air Conditioning Unit Troubleshooting in West Springfield, MA; Dirty Air Conditioner Coils & More

Walking into an air conditioned home to escape the summer heat is one of the most refreshing feelings you can experience. Luckily we live during a time when most homes have an air conditioning unit and provide the home owner with cool air as a refuge from extreme temperatures that hover over the summer season. Like most everything else, we don’t really think about the shape our air conditioning unit is in unless it starts to struggle to work properly. Residential air conditioning is a great luxury and if properly maintained with regularly maintenance checkups, will continue to work properly for homeowners.

Air Conditioners Work Longer and Harder Through Summer

Residential air conditioning units usually experience some trouble at the beginning of the summer if not properly cared for. Air conditioning systems naturally work harder and longer during extreme heat and throughout the summer to keep homes cool and people comfortable. If an air conditioning unit has minor problems, but then if suddenly set to reach lower temperatures, this will send the unit into overdrive and cause more serious problems to occur. Serious air conditioning unit repairs can cost homeowners a very pretty penny, when they could have saved money by regularly scheduled maintenance visits form an air conditioning technician.

Common Air Conditioning Breakdowns

There are common air conditioning unit breakdowns that occur throughout the summer. One of the most common problems is a fairly easy fix. Some homeowners forget to close all windows and doors while the air conditioning unit is running. When windows and doors are left open, your air conditioning unit is forced to work harder and longer to reach the desired temperature you set on the thermostat. Sometimes the temperature that is set may never be reached and your unit will continue to run constantly, putting the risk of damage to your unit very high and your power bill through the roof.

Dirty Air Conditioner Coil Problems

Another common problem for residential air conditioning units is dirty coils. When your air conditioning system’s coils become dirty, the unit will fail to work properly and the unit’s fans or compressors are likely to fail. Some homeowners turn their systems off and on frequently and this can lead to the compressor and fan controls to wear out and require replacement. It is smart to set one desired temperature for your home throughout the summer, to ease up on any extra stress on your unit.

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If your system is struggling to produce cool air for you this summer or if you suspect your unit is not running to the best of its ability, contact Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning for professional air conditioning unit service.

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