What is the Function of Refrigerant in My AC System & How Often Does it Need to Be Recharged in Westfield, MA?

Your home would not be the same without air conditioning in the summer! It is important to know what AC refrigerant is and how it works since air conditioners use refrigerant to cool the air in your home. Today, we at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to take the opportunity to discuss what refrigerant is, how it functions in air conditioners, and a few of the advantages of using refrigerant.

Basics of AC Refrigerants

In order to transfer heat from one place to another, refrigerants are chemicals that are used in air conditioners. They all work in a similar way, though there are many different types of refrigerants. As the liquid refrigerant transfers into a gas, it absorbs heat from its surroundings, and when it condenses, it releases heat. To keep your home cool in the summer, this process of absorption and release is what helps.

Function of Refrigerant in AC System

It becomes hotter when the refrigerant is compressed. The heat from the compression is transferred to the air around the compressor, and the resulting cooled air is then circulated through your home. Through a series of coils where it is cooled and condensed back into a liquid, the refrigerant then flows. Then it evaporates and absorbs heat from the air in your home when the liquid refrigerant flows through another set of coils. This process continues until the desired temperature is reached.

Advantages of AC Refrigerant

In air conditioners, there are many benefits to using refrigerant. It does not contribute to global warming like other greenhouse gases and refrigerant is a safe and efficient way to transfer heat. By reducing humidity levels, refrigerant can help to improve the indoor air quality in your home as well.

How Often Does Refrigerant Need to Be Recharged?

How often it needs to be replaced is a common inquiry among homeowners. Refrigerants are not supposed to be used up and dissipate. It continually goes through the cycle. If the air conditioner ever runts out, it is because there is a leak, or a rare instance could be that it was not properly charged at the time of installation. When it comes to refrigerant being replaced, first the leaks need to be repaired. Once repaired, only a certified, licensed technician can handle the refilling, or commonly referred to as recharging the unit.

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If you should suspect a refrigerant leak in your Hampshire and Hamden County, Massachusetts home or business, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning and let our certified AC contractors take care of your refrigerant problem. We can find any leaks you may have and recharge the appropriate refrigerant for your system. With state-of-the art equipment and premium products, you can be rest assured that your refrigerant issues are in good hands. Our certified technicians have the formal trained, experience, and skills, making them experts in the fields. With their expertise, you can have the confidence all air conditioning repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance services are executed with quality workmanship that lasts.

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