Shade Trees Benefit Air Conditioning Costs & Help Prevent AC Repairs in Chicopee, MA

With rising energy costs, awareness to use less energy for the environment, and the burning desire to not sacrifice home comfort, many homeowners are trying to find ways they can increase the efficiency of their HVAC system. Well for those that have a green thumb, or looking to upgrade their landscaping, shade trees can offer increased home value, offer additional recreational use and impact the HVAC system in a positive manner. With that in mind, we at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to expound how strategically planting shade trees around your home can help stay cool for years to come.

Air Conditioner Shaded from Sun VS Air Conditioner in Direct Sunlight

Shade trees are beneficial in a number of ways; adding curb appeal, improving the planets needs, and helping to keep your air conditioning costs low. A methodically planned landscape design can reduce air conditioning costs from a previously un-shaded home by 15-50% according to the Environmental Protection Agency!

Planting Trees for Energy Efficiency

Creating an aura of coolness around the home and blocking the sun’s penetrating rays, shade trees absorb the cool groundwater which evaporates slowly as it flows through the leaves. The areas full of sun drenched warmth are up to 6 degrees warmer than that of a zone encircled by trees. In addition to being placed around the windows, especially the windows in contact with direct sunlight in the warm months, shade trees should also be in close proximity to the air conditioner’s air intake. Pulling in cooler outdoor air will contribute to more comfortable indoor temperatures and allowing your air conditioner to minimize the work load.

Native Shade Tree Plants Will Do Better in Your Yard

Choosing the right shades however, has to be well researched for your climate. Shade trees need to be conducive to the particular area; for example if your area is typically hot and humid, shade trees should be able to thrive as opposed to selecting trees that optimize the cool and dry climates. Using species native to the area can ensure a higher survival rate, making your plan of attack cost effective to keep the home cooler.

Best Trees to Plant for HVAC Efficiency

No matter where you live, choosing a deciduous tree is ideal for your landscape if your primary goal is enhance the efficiency of the HVAC system. These trees lose leaves in the fall allowing the warm sunlight to keep your home warmer; come the spring, they sprout fill, large shady leaves.

Best Places to Plant Trees to Save Energy & Wear on HVAC System

The strategy is as important as the type of trees you plant. Concentrating your efforts on the east and west side of your home make more sense as that is the direction the sun travels. Planting the taller trees on the south also provides you with midday cooling as it lowers the temperatures on the roof and walls. Additionally, shade trees are more helpful in keeping a home cooler if they are planted 10-20 feet from the building. If the trees are planted too close, pruning and trimming maintenance is more frequent and stringent, and roots too close to the foundation will cause problems down the line to the foundation. On the flip side, if they are too far away, the hot sun can still find penetration through your windows. If you are uncertain about the overall design of the planting of the shade trees, consult your landscape specialists for assistance.

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