Troubleshooting Summer Air Conditioning Problems & Solutions in Monson, MA

It’s summer time; which means cranking on the air conditioner to escape the heated temperatures outside. While enjoying the cool breeze and comfortable environments, the air conditioner frequently will experience problems. There are common issues that inflict the air conditioner in the summer, most of which can be avoided with annual maintenance services and we at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share those examples to help owners be more aware of the issues the air conditioner experiences in the summer.

AC Not Cooling? Air Conditioning Problems

1) Condensate Line Clogs: A chain reaction gets set into motion when buildup and debris gets obstructed in the condensate lines, a very common occurrence. The clogs which will eventually lead to the air conditioner performing an emergency shutoff when the water has nowhere to go among other issues. When this happens, a trained technician will have to clean the condensate lines to ensure efficiency and possibly make additional repairs.
2) Fan Belt: Over time and use, fan belts will eventually wear down; requiring a replacement. A quick fix, this task is generally inexpensive because the component is simple and common enough technicians have them readily available. The belt issue is detectable as an insufficient belt emits a squeaking sound that can be heard from the air conditioning unit, but not always. Though is a common repair, that is rather inconvenient for homeowners, it can be avoided with regular maintenance. During routine maintenance services, professionals check the integrity of the parts, especially the belts; if any signs of deterioration are present, they are often replaced on the spot before they have a chance to snap.
3) Part Replacement: Major components are known to fail in the middle summers. Moving parts especially will break down over time. In some cases, these major components can be a challenge to find and replace in a timely manner as well as being less than cost efficient. Though these replacements can happen on whim, you can significantly avoid the need for repairs with routine professional maintenance services. Depending on the quality of the air conditioner and age, in some instances the better investment may be to upgrade and replace the unit all together.
4) Refrigerant Leak Sealing: Refrigerant is a primary ingredient in keeping the home cool, without it, the air conditioner will blow warm air. Refrigerant does not deplete over time, it is constant and continues to recycle for the life of your unit. If the refrigerant levels are low, either it did not receive adequate charge at installation, which will be indicated within a few days of installation, or there is a leak. A simple “top off” cannot repair the low refrigerant when there is a leak. The leaks first need to be located and sealed before any refrigerant is added to the unit. When the refrigerant is leaking, a professional will perform a leak detecting test, make the repairs, and then charge the refrigerant.

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As mentioned before, most of these problems can be avoided with simple air conditioning maintenance service at the start of air conditioning season. Catching the beginning systems is also more often than not, cheaper to repair. If you need a maintenance service or experiencing air conditioning difficulties, contact Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning and let our experts get it what you need and do it right the first time!

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