Should I Get My Gas Furnace Serviced Every Year in Monson, MA? Heating Inspection & More

When you are getting into the colder weather one of the best parts of the day is to get home and warm up in your house. The weather outside can be biting cold and uncomfortable. That is why most people will keep their heater or furnace going all winter to stay warm. Before the furnace or the heater is turned on for the first time most people will make sure that it is inspected and repaired. This will ensure your safety when using the system and also control the efficiency of it as well. That is not to say that the system will not run into any other problems. Just like any other working and moving part some things will start to break down or stop working. There are some problems with the heater or furnace that you will not be able to see coming. Although this can happen there are other problems that will give you signs that you want to make sure you do not ignore.

Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning Outlines Signs You Need a Heating Furnace Inspection & Tune Up Service

Furnace Making Loud Noise: One of the most common problems that you will have when using your heater or furnace is when you start to hear noise or sound. When a heater or a furnace is built and tested it should be able to run without noise and sound to affect your life. Some very light humming and a quiet sound when it starts up can be acceptable but anything more may be a problem. The sounds that might come from it are screeching, ticking, knocking and more. These sounds are something that can come on suddenly or gradual over time. If that happens you want to make sure that the unit is inspected. The sounds might be belts that are loose or parts that are not secured properly. If you start to notice these types of noises it is important to call out a professional to make the necessary repairs.
Pilot Light on Furnace: Many homes are outfitted with a heater or furnace that is run on gas. Natural gas is a great way to create heat and that is why it is so widely used. The way that it works is a flame called a pilot is ignited and stays lit while the unit is in use. This will allow the gas to be ignited which is how the heat is created. You want to make sure that you keep an eye on the light and check if it is healthy. The way you do that is to see what color the flame actually is. A flame that is healthy should be a blue shade and any other color could mean a problem. You do not want to see orange or yellow when the pilot is lit. If this happens there can be a problem with the amount of gas that is being released which is dangerous.
Furnace is Blowing Cold Air when the Heat is On: You want to depend on your heating system and if you are getting inconsistent heat it can be frustrating. The problem is that this is a sign that the heating system is not working right and that a repair should be made. The heating system should work to heat the house to the temperature that you set the thermostat to. When that is not happening there are many reasons but it takes a professional HVAC technician to find out.

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