Should I Replace My Old Gas or Electric Furnace in Amherst, MA? Which is More Energy Efficient?

When you need to have your furnace replaced for this upcoming winter season, there are a few things every homeowner needs to know. To start with, you will need the right size furnace to heat your home interior space. Next, you will need to install the right type of furnace. Today, this is what Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to focus on. Today we will cover the different types of furnaces to ensure you get the right one for your home.

What is a Furnace?

A furnace is a stand-alone component or unit that is designed to heat the inside of your home. A furnace will heat the air and then circulate it throughout your home. How way a furnace creates the warm is often how a furnace is separated one from another. There are a number of different fuel options for furnaces. When you need to replace a furnace you must use the right fuel setup with your home’s current heating design. With this in mind, let’s discuss the different types of furnaces and their fuel options.

Gas Furnaces

One of the more popular furnace types is gas. There are two types of gases used for furnaces. There is natural gas and there is propane gas. Both gases are fairly economical and is an effective fuel source for your home’s furnace. For those who need to replace a gas furnace, it’s important that you get a new gas fueled furnace as this is the furnace’s fuel and source of heat. A gas furnace will already have a gas supply pipe line that connects to the furnace. These gas lines are fed through the ground and into the home and will lead right to your furnace. A gas furnace will use cold air within the home and will warm it up. A gas furnace uses a component called the heat exchangers that heat the cold air as it pass over it. As the heat exchanger burns the gas to heat the air, carbon monoxide gas and fumes develop which are safely exhausted through the furnace’s flue. Once the air has been warmed, this furnace system will use the air duct system and use its blower to circulate the air. A gas furnace will require a gas supply line and an air duct system. When replacing a gas furnace it’s important to have the right setup for this heating system.

Electric Furnaces

The second more common type of furnace is an electric furnace. As you properly guess, an electric furnace uses electricity. This furnace uses a different type of component to heat the air. An electric furnace uses elements much like your kitchen’s oven. The heating element, or sometimes referred to as coils, use a fan to direct the cold air within the home to pass over the elements, creating the needed warm air. An electric furnace also uses the air duct system and a blower to circulate the warm air throughout the home. An electric furnace will have an electrical connection and its own dedicated circuit to supply the unit with power. When replacing a furnace, if your home is designed for an electric furnace, you will need to make sure to invest in the right type. An electric furnace is not as efficient as a gas fueled furnace, yet they are reliable and are a safer type of furnace.

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