What are the Main Parts of a Gas Furnace in Northampton, MA & Why is it Important to Have Furnace Serviced?

The four types of furnaces available to consumers includes oil, gas, electric, and dual fuel furnaces. With the assistance of the outside’s fresh air, as much as 98% fuel efficiency is achieved in modern furnace designs. We at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share the basic parts of a gas furnace.

Basic Furnace Components

There can be a single-stage, two-stage, or modulating furnace associated with gas furnaces. There is a series of mechanisms and parts combined to deliver warm. In order to better help you understand the mechanics of how the unit works, learning the parts the furnace listed below is a good start.
1) Thermostat: Managing the temperature inside your house is tasked to the thermostat, and it is designed to signal the ignitor to turn on.
2) Supply Plenum: The ducts that are attached to the furnace and run throughout your home. This wear the warm air is dispersed in various rooms of the home.
3) Blower Motor: The air is pushed past the heat exchanger into the supply plenum by the air blower motor.
4) Air Filter: Air passes though air filters where it contains the debris, dust, and particles after it enters the blower motor.
5) Return Ducts: After the cool air from home is retrieved by the return ducts, the furnace is able to warm the air and send it through the ducts.
6) Flue: The unwanted exhaust (which contains carbon monoxide) is channeled through the flue and outside.
7) Hot Surface Ignitor: An electrical current is sent initially following the thermostat signaling to turn on in order to light the burner.
8) Heat Exchanger: The heat from the gasses is absorbed into the walls and the combustion gasses will enter the heat exchanger and vented in the pipe is the cooled combustion gasses.
9) Burners: Before the heat passes to the heat exchanger, the fuel is sent to the burners that are ignited by the hot surface ignitor to produce a controllable, consistent flame.

Why it is Important to Make Sure Your Furnace is Serviced & in Proper Working Order Before the Winter?

No matter how efficient the furnace initially is, in order to preserve its overall efficiency, longevity, and performance, the furnace will need to be maintained by owners and professionals.
1) Approximately every month, routinely inspect the furnace flame color. A severe issue stemming from the furnace flame will be indicated by a green, orange, and red whereas a healthy furnace’s flame will show blue with perhaps a small yellow.
2) At the end of summer, early fall is the best time of year to schedule a professional tune-up service, though if you miss the window, always make sure it is done regardless. The expert will test your heat exchanger for clean, cracks, and more as well as cleaning your pilot light, and inspecting the ventilation system.
3) At least every 90 days, replace the filter, but optimally, check on it monthly and replace it accordingly.

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