Signs Your Old or Failing Central Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced in Hampden, MA

Having to replace the air conditioner unit is never an enjoyable way to spend your hard-earned money. Typically, most homeowners will use their air conditioner until its last breath to avoid replacing the air conditioner unit. Where homeowners feel they are saving money by avoiding the replacement, they are typically wasting funds and a replacement makes more financial sense if you look at the long-term numbers. With that consideration, we at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share the red flags of needing a replacement of your air conditioner.

When to Replace Your Central Air Conditioning System

1) AC unit requires expensive repairs. An expensive repair is usually due to a major problem. Once the unit experiences major issues, the air conditioner rarely lasts long after. If the there are additional warning signs, especially in conjunction with needing a major and expensive repair, consider the financial benefit of investing in a new unit instead of throwing money into a unit that will likely fail sooner rather than later.
2) Frequently experiencing problems that call for AC repairs. Small but frequent repairs are another sign the unit is better off replaced. Not only will these small, but frequent repairs add up, but it is also an indication the unit is not going to last much longer. Should you notice your unit needs more than 3 repairs in a season, you should consider replacing the unit.
3) R22 Freon is the refrigerant required for the unit. R22 Freon is a refrigerant that is currently being phased out of production in an effort to conserve energy nationwide and it will eventually be banned completely. Units that require R22 should be replaced now, especially if there is a refrigerant leak and your unit needs a recharge and repair service. Not only does it take time to find, but it is expensive.
4) Comfortable and consistent temperatures are rarely met. A home that cannot achieve comfortable and consistent temperatures has an air conditioner unit improperly sized or getting too old. Where air conditioners are not one size fits all, having the wrong size is relatively common. There is a mathematic equation that dictates which size unit your home needs and a professional can help you ensure your home has the right size. Whether it is not the right size or too old, you should replace the unit to avoid an over expender of operating costs.
5) The AC unit is aged. A high-quality air conditioner that is well-maintained throughout the years can last homeowners about 15 years. Once the unit is over 10 years, homeowners should watch for additional signs the unit requires a replacement. Considering within a decade alone that air conditioners advance with efficiency, power conservation, and other beneficial features, getting a replacement unit can ultimately save your more money over time as it saves you more in operating costs.
6) The air conditioner is not energy efficient. A low SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) for an air conditioner will cost more money to operate because their energy efficiency is of low quality. In fact, newly manufactured units are regulated to have at least a SEER of 13. If your current unit is below SEER 13, you should consider replacing the unit to take advantage of having a more energy efficient unit.

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