Steps for Preparing the Furnace Heating System to Go Dormant in Southampton, MA

The weather can be rather fickle in Massachusetts, as most locals know, we can have warm springs where we need the use of the cooling system early on, or chilly ones where we still use the heating system to get by until May. In any case, as the weeks continue into spring, preparing your heating system for dormancy is ideally done this time of year, even if you need the use of it a little longer. Today, we at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share some steps you can do now to prepare your heating system to go dormant.

Steps to Shut Down Furnace for the Season

1) Air Filters. You should change your filters on average, every six weeks, give or take a week or two. Where this is something that needs to be consistently done throughout the year, we just want to give a you a reminder to make certain you either change or replace the air filters, depending which type you have.
2) Thermostat. Check the thermostat’s battery and if you need to do it now, or in a few weeks, be sure to set the thermostat in accordance to the weather.
3) Clean the Furnace & Surrounding. Make sure the furnace and surrounding areas are cleaned. Remove any growing clutter around the unit. It is important that you avoid accumulating clutter for many reasons.
4) Professional Furnace Maintenance. If you were on point and got the furnace tuned up at the start or during the fall season, consider an inspection service to ensure everything is still operating accordingly. If you haven’t now is a good time to get the heating system and the cooling system done. This will ensure if the heat is used for an extended time it is still dependable as well as make certain that the cooling system is readily available when you need it with maximum performance.

Furnace Tune Up Inspection

When it comes to tune-ups, the techs perform a comprehensive inspection. During the inspection process, they assess the condition of all moving parts, making sure they are in good condition and lubed (accordingly). The connections, such as hardware and wiring, and make sure they are all tight and secure. The wiring system is looked over and checked for deterioration or faultiness. All safety aspects are checked, and overall system is tested for performance. Whether it is your cooling or heating system, the professionals cover the system to make sure there are no issues.

Benefits of Furnace & Central Air Conditioning Maintenance

Getting the heating system prepared with inspections and tune-ups, as well as readying your cooling system with professional assistance is beneficial in a number of ways. In conjunction with your own efforts, professional maintenance maximizes performance, preserves the condition of the system as well as the longevity. It will also manage the energy efficiency and significantly reduce breakdowns.

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