How Split & Combination Central Air Conditioning & Heating System Works in Huntington, MA

When it comes to your home’s HVC system it is important to know if you have an air conditioning system, furnace or boiler heating system, or a central air conditioning system. Most people get a little lost when it comes to central air conditioning. Most people assume a central air conditioning system is just an air conditioner. However, it is completely separate. There are many homes that don’t use air conditioners or a separate heating system which works independently. A central air conditioning system is similar in that the air conditioner and furnace is located in separate areas but they actually are a single unit that works together. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will explain how a central air conditioner works.

How Does a Central Air Conditioning System Work?

One of the most common types of HVAC systems are split central air conditioning which includes an exterior cabinet that houses the condenser coils and the compressor. It is combined with an interior component that contains the evaporator coils that are installed or connected to the furnace or air handler. During the cool seasons or summer season, the compressor is the component that activates the cooling system by pumping refrigerant through the system. During the summer months or when the air conditioner is activated, the warmth within the home is sucked through the interior evaporator coils which takes the warm air and puts it through a process that transfers it into cooler air. This process uses the refrigerant which absorbs the heat out of the air, creating cool air which is then blown throughout the home. This cools the inside of the home down. In short, a central air conditioning system preforms the same as any other air conditioning system. However central air is also connected to the central heating system and shares the same air duct systems.

Central Heating Systems Explained

A split central air conditioning system has a separate heating system that does connect to the air conditioning system. The central heating system is usually located in the attic, garage or basement. The central heating system is essentially a furnace that consists of four major components. The furnace is made of the burners which supplies the fuel, then there is the heat exchanger where the cold air is heated, and the blower which circulates the heat throughout the air ducts. Lastly there is the fuel which is like a chimney in that it exhausts the gases and emissions that occur during the heating process. The furnace can be fueled by either oil, or fuel and there are now hybrid systems that uses both. Some even use electricity. What makes central heating different from regular heating is that is actually works with the air conditioning system and uses the same air circulating system.

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There are other types of central air conditioning systems as well. The most common is the split system where the air conditioning and heating units are separate. Then there is combined central air conditioning which is a single unit that houses both the cooling and heating system. These units are usually located outside, either on the roof or ground. If you need your home central air conditioning system inspected or maintained, then contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule our services today.

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