Two Story House Air Conditioning; How to Cool Second Floor of Home in Monson, MA

Many folks that live in two story homes can understand the challenge of keeping the home evenly cooled and comfortable. As most know, warm air rises, usually leaving the top floor warm and uncomfortable. The root of the issue often lies with the thermostat settings. To blend the cool air that falls and the warm air that rises, the thermal convection, as what the issue is referenced to, is nothing short of a challenge. We at Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning would like to assist homeowners find comfort when the downstairs feels especially cool and comfortable, but the upstairs feels like you have entered a sauna with some tips and advice.

How to Cool Second Floor of Home

1) Control and Redirect Air with Air Vents
Start by ensuring the vents are not blocked or dirty. The vents and registers contribute to uneven cooling problem when they are blocked by furniture or clutter, as well as accumulated dirt and dust. If you notice the dirt is building up, vacuum them with an attachment to loosen and remove the debris, follow by wiping them down.
Redirect air to certain areas by partially, not fully, closing some vents on the first floor. More air will be redirect to the second floor. It also helps alleviate pressure build up in the system that would occur if the 1st floor vents are fully closed.
2) Switch the Fan Setting from “Auto” to “On”
Thermostat has a switch that you can toggle between “auto” and “on.” Unevenly cooled homes can be corrected by turning the switch to the “on” setting.
– The “on” position: The system’s fan stays on and circulates air continuously, even when the system cooling cycle goes off. Continually circulating the air in your home will help even out the first and second floors temperatures.
– The “auto” position: The fan only runs when there is a need for cooling and the outdoor unit is on and actively cooling the home. Additionally, running the fan will add $5 – $20 per month to your electricity use, depending on the type of furnace blower.
3) Check for Air Duct Leaks
The conditioned air can bleed out of the air ducts if there is a leak poor installation before it can cool the various rooms of your home. Leaks, tears, holes, or faulty connections in your ducts will cause the central air system to compensate for the missing air; eventually leading more problems. A professional can inspect the air ducts for possible leaks.
4) Adequate Insulation in the Attic
The insulation in your attic serves keeps your cool air in and the hot outside air out. Insufficient or low-grade quality insulation will be a contributing factor to uneven temperatures in multi-story home. The cool air is lost and the air remains. This circumstance creates a noticeable difference between the temperatures upstairs and downstairs of a home. Ensure that the insulation has the proper R-Value for your type of home and region and you have sufficient amounts of it.
5) A Zoning System Controls Different Areas
If the problem persists, zoning systems, though a larger investment, it can be the most efficient way to deal with uneven cooling. These systems are designed to allow homeowners to directly control the temperature in individual areas or floors as opposed to having one thermostat controlling cooling in the whole house. Professionals can customize the zones in your home and recommend the quantity of zones depending on the current heating and cooling system, size, and layout of your home.

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If you would like to explore the zoning systems addition to your home, require an air duct inspection, or find other solutions to evening out the temperatures in your 2 story home, contact Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning and let our experts assist you!

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