What Agawam A/C Setting Saves the Most Money?

The spring will quickly turn to summer which means that the A/C unit is going to be getting to work really soon. Before you start using your air conditioner, make sure that you have an inspection by a reputable company like Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning to be sure that the unit is working correctly. Having a problem corrected before it happens can save you from living a hot summer day with no A/C. Once you know that your unit is in tip top shape you are ready to set your programs that you want running throughout the day. There are 2 settings that you can choose from when setting you’re A/C. You can click it over to “auto” or “on”; each option runs differently and knowing what each option does can save you money and energy can help you decide which one is best for you.

The “ON” A/C Setting

When you set your unit to “on” position, you are essentially telling the unit to run indefinitely. This is the setting that you want if you want the air conditioner to be running all the time and cooling the air. When this setting is chosen, you are going to be using a lot more energy which in turn costs more money. The good thing about this setting is that you will know that the home will be the temperature that you want all day long.

The “AUTO” A/C Setting

When you choose this setting it will allow the unit to rest when it is not needed. You get to choose a reasonable temperature that will suit you and your family and the unit will only click on if the internal temperature reaches higher then what you selected. This is a great setting if you want to change the temperature when you are away from home as it can save hours of time that you’re A/C unit would otherwise be running. This should use less energy and obviously in turn cost less money if you use it right. If you choose a low temperature on a really hot day you may have the unit running all day anyway trying to stay where you want it.

Taking good care of you A/C unit and having it serviced regularly is another way to ensure that you are saving energy and money. It is a good idea to have your unit serviced regularly to catch anything that may be malfunctioning before it goes bad. This can make the repair a much simpler process. Call Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today to set up service with one of our expert technicians.

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