What Can Cause a Boiler to Stop Working in Palmer, MA? Dripping & Leaking, Pilot Light Goes Out & More

For those who have a boiler as their home’s heating system, they know there is a lot that can go wrong. It is important to detect problems as they occur so as to have the boiler quickly repaired, This ensures your home stays warm this winter. For those who have never had a boiler system or never had to troubleshoot boiler failures, Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of the common problems a boiler can develop to better prepare you for any future boiler failures.

Boiler Dripping & Leaking Water

When the boiler’s pipes or tank begins to leak or drip, know that this is a common problem in older boiler systems. Often the connections will be eaten away by rust allowing the tank or pipe to leak water. Even though leaks and drips are expected in some point in the boilers life, you will want to have the leaks and drips repaired before it leads to further corrosion. Additionally, leaks can also lead to high pressure and the loss of heated water will cause the boiler to work overtime. When dripping occurs, first try to tighten the connections. If the leaking continues it is recommended to seek professional assistance.

Boiler Making a Kettling Noise

Kettling is a noise that sounds like water boiling inside the tank. You may even hear clanging noises as well as the boiling rumbling sound. When you hear the sounds of kettling this can put pressure on the boiler system and particularly the heat exchanger. Kettling occurs when there is mineral and calcium deposits that have built up inside the tank. When kettling occurs often the tank and piping systems need to be flushed to remove the mineral deposits out of the system. To ensure the water is refilled and the pressure settings are corrected, make sure to contact a professional HVAC service.

Boiler Pilot Light Goes Out

A boiler has a continuous blue flame that lights and warms the heating system. When the flame shuts off, the cause could be that the thermocouple is having a problem or is faulty. The thermocouple helps aid the gas supply to the boiler. If your pilot light has gone out and will not light then you will need the thermocouple replaced. There can also be other interruption in the gas supply system or the pilot light needs to be cleaned or replaced. To properly determine why the pilot light is having problems, it is best to have a professional inspection that can diagnose the boiler.

Boiler Condensate Pipe Freezes

Newer boiler systems are condensing boilers which use a condensate pipe that removes waste gases. When it gets cold enough outside, the boiler condensate pipe can freeze which will then trap and cause the waste gases to back up back inside the home. This only occurs in very cold temperatures, but when it does occur simply pour warm water over the condensate pipe and perhaps consider insulating the pipes to prevent further freezing.

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When your boiler system develops any problem be sure to seek professional assistance for quick repairs of your home’s heating system. For boiler, furnace and other HVAC services, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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