What Causes Delayed Ignition on My Furnace in Westhampton, MA? How Do You Fix a Booming Sound?

Do you hear a loud booming sound coming from your furnace? If so, this is often referred to as furnace booming. Many people will fear that the booming sound is a bad sign and their furnace is failing or even that it could be dangerous. When your furnace is booming it is a problem that demands investigating. In some cases, the booming sound may be a problem with the ignition system. To better understand what the booming is, Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share what furnace booming means and what can cause this problem.

What is Furnace Booming?

Furnace booming is fairly straight forward. It is when the furnace makes a loud boom, bang or popping noise. Furnace booming most often occurs when the furnace starts a heating cycle. However, booming can occur anywhere throughout the heating process. When you hear a loud booming noise coming from your furnace, it is important not to keep running the furnace until the booming noise can be pinpointed and then repaired.

What Causes Furnace Banging?

When a furnace makes a loud booming sound when it starts a cycle, it is often a problem known as a delayed ignition. Delayed ignition is typical when you first turn on your furnace for the first time and has been sitting for a while. Another reason for a delayed ignition problem can also be due to overdue maintenance. When a furnace booms it often happens throughout a sequence of events. Here is how furnace booming occurs: The first step is when the thermostat signals the furnace to start a cycle. At this point, the gas valve will open. The gas that was released then goes to the igniter or pilot light and to the burners. This is the typical start up process of a gas furnace. At this point the furnace should be running through its heat cycle. However, if during the startup process the gas doesn’t ignite immediately, then this is a delayed ignition. As a result of a delayed ignition, gas can build up. Once the gas finally comes in contact with the flame, a small explosion occurs causing the booming noise.

Is Delayed Furnace Ignition a Problem?

A delayed ignition can create a safety hazard and lead to furnace repairs. If you find you need to re-light the pilot light, it can cause a burst of flames. A delayed ignition can even lead to a house fire. Each time the furnace booms or explodes, this can also weaken and damage the heat exchanger. If a heat exchanger cracks, it can lead to carbon monoxide gas poisoning.

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A delayed ignition can be caused by dirty burners or the gas has mixed with air which will not supply enough gas to the burners. Corrosion can also prevent the gas to ignite the burners. When your furnace is booming, you need to have the gas supply and ignition system checked. In many cases the ignition system needs to be cleaned and possibly some small parts will need to be replaced. If your furnace is booming or if you have other HVAC needs, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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