How Do You Know if You have a Bad Furnace in Pelham, MA? Inefficient Heating & More

You ultimately depend on your furnace to keep you and your family members warm and prevent any seasonal issues like burst pipes during the cold winter months. Your furnace can become damaged without you knowing it as it is not used for half the year. It is time to schedule furnace repairs as soon as possible if you face any issues with your furnace. Recognizing the symptoms your furnace is suffering can help identify repair needs early before they worsen. Today, we at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share the common symptoms your furnace needs professional repairs and care.

Problems Getting Furnace to Kick On

You will have more problems turning the furnace on and keeping it running over time. It is an indication for repair if it takes you multiple attempts to turn on or restart the unit throughout the day. Often due to damaged thermostats or disconnected wiring is why this happens.

Furnace Pilot Light is Discolored

Generally, a pilot light burns with a blue flame. There is a ventilation problem however, if you see the pilot light of your furnace burning with a different color as yellow. As it can cause health problems, it is an important issue that should be taken care of immediately since the change of pilot light color occurs when carbon monoxide does not dissipate properly.

Inefficient Heating System Output

When your furnace is not supplying sufficient heat to maintain the temperature of your home is one of the most common signs. Typically, when there is a communication problem between the thermostats and the furnace unit or leakage in ductwork that allows treated air to escape, inefficient heating happens.

Distinct Furnace Smells

Your furnace might be facing some problems if in the event you sense a strong smell of fuel around your furnace, an odor that appears suddenly or that does not go away with time. Excessive dust inside the unit or a gas leak can be the source of these smells.

Persistent & Unusual Sounds

If you hear your furnace making loud and persistent noises then it is an indication that there is something wrong with your furnace, though a furnace normally makes noises. Should there be a problem with the fan or belt, you might notice whistling or squealing noises. Because of loose and broken internal parts, you may hear groaning or banging sounds.

Questionable Air Quality

There is a direct impact on the air quality of your home by the furnace. Bacteria, dirt, and other foreign particles within your home along with heated air are moved around with a poorly maintained unit. Along with frequent colds, coughs, and other respiratory ailments, you can notice floating dust inside the air. If there is a problem with the filter or ductwork, it might happen.

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Ultimately, when you see your furnace is operating poorly, or even differently than what it should, your furnace needs a professional touch. Call Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning and let our experts assist you with the needed repairs. We also provide maintenance, replacement, and installation services in the Greater Hampshire and Hamden County, Massachusetts area.

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