When Should I Worry About My Furnace in Springfield, MA? Rust, Short Cycling & More

The furnace in your home is getting ready to work harder than ever to keep you warm as an arctic blast is getting ready to pummel the Northeast this week. When your furnace isn’t working as it normally should, it can leave you in a dangerous situation when the weather is so volatile. This is why it is extremely important that you don’t ignore any warning signs that are present when your furnace is concerned. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about some of these furnace warning signs might be so that you know what you should be looking for.

What are Signs that Your Furnace is Going Out?

If you have any of the following warning signs in your home, you know that you need the help of a heating professional right away.
– Pilot Light Issues: Many new furnaces don’t have a pilot light that needs to stay lit all of the time. However, there are many old furnaces that still have this. If your pilot light is having a hard time staying lit or is yellow rather than blue, you need to have your furnace looked at and possibly replaced for a newer, more efficient one.
– Strange Furnace Noises: You are more than likely used to the noises that your furnace makes while it is running. If it starts to make noises that are all of a sudden louder than they used to be or are different than they have ever been, you probably have an issue that needs to be fixed. There are a number of things that could be wrong depending on the sounds you’re hearing. Whether it is banging, clanging or hissing, you need to have the pros come take a look.
– Rust on Your Furnace: There are parts of your furnace like the heat exchanger that you shouldn’t ever see any rust on. If there is rust present, it could be a sign that your heat exchanger is in danger of cracking or forming a hole. This can allow dangerous carbon monoxide to leak into the air you’re breathing. If you notice rust on your furnace, have it looked at by a professional to make sure there isn’t a crack in the heat exchanger.
– Short Cycling Furnace: Have you noticed that your furnace turns on to heat your home, only to turn off again right away? This is what we call short cycling. It is a sure sign that something is amiss with your furnace and should be checked out by a professional to see what it is that needs to be fixed.

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If you have noticed that there are some subtle signs that your furnace isn’t performing at its best, you are far better off calling the pros at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning to come take a look before the problem worsens. There is no HVAC problem that we can’t handle. Call us today!

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