Why is My Furnace Blowing Cool Air & Not Hot in Chicopee, MA? Professional Repairs & More

When your heating system isn’t making very warm air or is only producing cold air, this is a problem that obviously needs to be corrected. Usually the reason behind cool or lukewarm air can have a simple correction and one the homeowner can do themselves. However, there are other problems that will require a professional HVAC service to diagnose and repair. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will first share what the homeowner can do to restore their heating system, and what an HVAC service will need to repair should it be necessary.

What Homeowner Maintenance Should Be Done on a Furnace?

When you notice your heating system is producing cool or lukewarm air, you will first want to check the thermostat. You will want to double check the temperature setting. Take a look at the settings for “Fan” or “On” or “Auto” and for smart thermostat scheduling. You will want to make sure your thermostat is set to heat and is on the “Auto” setting. Double check the temperature and make sure that is warm enough for your comfort. Lastly, double your schedule as sometimes the schedule can be set wrong. After checking the thermostat, your next step is to check your air filters. Dirty air filters can cause poor heating efficiency and more, so it is very important for the homeowner to maintain clean air filters. Next, check to make sure the air vents throughout the home are fully open and are not being obstructed. If the heat cannot freely flow throughout your home, your home will not be able to warm up. Make sure every single air vent is fully open even in areas of the home you do not use. Lastly, make sure all of the vent are not obstructed and can release the warm air freely.

Professional HVAC Service Repairs

When a furnace isn’t making a lot of heat or none at all, there could be a few different problems. One could be the air ducts. Sometimes the air ducts develop a leak which allows all of the warm air to escape through. Much of the warm air will not make it into the home due to air due leaks. Air ducts can also dilute the warm air by introducing cold air into the air ducts. The air duct system can be repaired. However, the location of the leak needs to be located. Air ducts can be resealed to ensure heating efficiency. Another major reason why a furnace may have a hard time making heat is due to an ignition problem. The ignition system needs to burn fuel to heat up the burner, which in turn creates the heat for the home. There are a few different components to the overall startup and heating process that can become corroded and dirty. The fuel may not be able to flow properly due to carbon build up or the burners are corroded. The ignition system will need to be thoroughly inspected and cleaned for proper heating efficiency.

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