HVAC System in a New Holyoke Home

Purchasing a home comes with many new responsibilities. In both new and older homes, the best way to ensure that you are well informed about the strengths and weaknesses of a property is to have certain aspects inspected by a professional. One of the most important parts of your potential new home in the air conditioning and heating system.

Potential Air Conditioning System Problems

There are many problems that can occur with an air conditioning system. So before you give up on purchasing a house because it has a bunk system, keep a few things in mind. Some of the most common issues are cooling problems, clogs, frozen pipes and leaks. A frozen air conditioning unit can be indicative of cooling problems. The most common problem is the loss of refrigerant. This means that the air conditioning refrigerant is low. The loss usually occurs due to a leak and must be repaired to ensure proper cooling. The most common problems can be fixed fairly easily by a professional technician like Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning.

Potential Heating System Problems

If you have purchased a home that has an older heating system, you may have already experienced some loud noises coming from the furnace. A screeching noise can indicate there may be a possible problem with your motor. A metallic chirping noise could mean that motor mounts are loose or the bearings are out of shape. Even the simplest problem, if not attended to promptly, can become a big problem and also a huge expense. Not being able to properly heat your home during the cooler months of the year will leave your family bundling up and wondering if the home you purchased was meant to be. Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning can fix any furnace problem you are experiencing and get your family feeling warm and toasty.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Warmer months are fast approaching. Nothing is more refreshing than walking into your newly purchased home from the outside heat and feeling an instant breeze of cool air shooting out of your vents. Now is a great time for a Spring Tune Up of your system. After all, if your air conditioning unit experiences a temporary melt down, the temperature in your house will quickly rise and leave everyone feeling miserable. Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning will promptly respond to your call and get your cooling system back to working properly and keeping you and your family cool through the stifling summer heat. Contact Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning today, and ensure your newly purchased home is prepared to take care of your family all year long.

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