Are Gas Furnaces Energy Efficient in West Springfield, MA? How Much More than Electric?

In the last decade, furnaces have become the devil of every eco-friendly discussion. However, even electricity doesn’t come from perfectly clean sources, though it is not as clean for the planet as electricity. While electric is more energy efficient, it’s not cheaper for you when it comes to furnaces. If you are searching for a new furnace, we at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning should consider installing a gas furnace even if you are environmentally conscious.

How Can I Tell How Efficient My Furnace Is?

A rating system known as annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) is used. the more efficient the furnace is, the higher the percentage. It should be no surprise that newer gas furnaces are more efficient than older models. It’s not uncommon to find 95-97% AFUE-rated gas furnaces since it’s technology that improves with time.

How Much More Efficient is Gas Heating than Electric?

Electric furnaces have a 100% AFUE rating, so gas furnaces are not technically more efficient. To transfer all of the energy they take into heat they are optimized. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better for your family. The small difference in percentage is negligible if you have a high-efficiency gas furnace. Though electric furnaces are more efficient, we need to consider your wallet. You can opt for an electric furnace or even a heat pump if you have the capacity and don’t like the negative side of having a combustion-based heating system in your home. However, when you look at the month-to-month cost of heating in your area, you might have some discrepancies. It is best to inspect and find out for yourself before making the decision to switch since it is different depending on where you live and what utility company you use.

Furnaces Lose Efficiency Over Time

In addition to the gas furnaces will losing efficiency over time, it is important to note, so will electric furnaces. Especially when time is not on its side, no system will operate flawlessly forever. Ultimately, how this translates to a net positive for gas furnaces is that it does not. However, because some media will push electric furnaces so hard that they fail to mention that they are also susceptible to efficiency loss this is a point we feel we need to make. It comes down to a few percentage points of efficiency at the end of the day. There is no reason not to consider a new gas furnace in place of your old one if you already have gas lines installed.

New Gas Furnace Installation

Especially with newer models, gas furnaces provide excellent heat efficiency. It is time to replace your gas furnace with a more energy-efficient model and keep enjoying a cheaper cost of living if in the event electricity is too expensive in your area and an electric furnace or electric heating solution doesn’t meet your needs.

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