Why is My AC Not Working Well During Summer in Russell, MA? Low Refrigerant & More

With temperatures soaring and no end in sight to the scorching heat of summer, you will rely on your air conditioning unit more to get some much-needed relief. If improperly maintained, the demand on your AC can lead to repairs and even breakdowns. Many of these issues are preventable and quickly resolved before they become serious. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning experts have provided information below on common summer AC problems and how to avoid them.

How Can We Prevent Common AC Problems?

1. Low AC Refrigerant: At the beginning of summer, low AC refrigerant can occur when you have a small leak. Understanding that most leaks will gain momentum and get bigger over time is also essential. If you find that your refrigerant is constantly down, it could indicate a much larger problem. Freon can be expensive, and the efficiency of your AC unit is also impacted, making your energy bills rise as your unit struggles to keep your home cool. The experts at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning recommend regular inspections and maintenance plans and discussing the cost of repairs versus replacement with your Ambient AC technician.
2. Dirty AC Filters: The more your HVAC is in use, the quicker your air filter becomes clogged and dirty. Most air filter manufacturers recommend replacement every three months, but if you have children or pets, you may have to replace your filter once every month, depending on the type of filter you are using. High-efficiency air filters designed to capture small allergy causing debris will need to be changed more frequently than standard pleated air filters. A dirty air filter can cause numerous AC issues. Fortunately, it is one of the simplest items on your AC maintenance checklist you can do at home yourself.
3. Dirty A/C Coils: like your other large appliances, your air conditioning unit is prone to the buildup of dirt and debris. When pollen, dust, and spores accumulate, they can reduce the efficiency of your unit and force it to work harder. When this happens, your utility usage will increase, resulting in higher energy bills. When left unchecked, your AC system will overheat and eventually break down. Your experienced Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning technician can provide routine maintenance at the beginning of the season and on an as-needed basis to keep your A/C running optimally all summer.
4. Clogged AC Drain Lines: your HVAC unit cools the air during summer and, in turn, also acts as a dehumidifier by removing water from the air through a small drain hose. The more your unit operates, the dirt left behind by your air filter mixes with the water and turns to sludge which can clog your drains. Call your Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning technician for immediate assistance if you see water accumulating in or under your indoor HVAC equipment.
5. AC Motor Failures: Mechanical issues are one of the most expensive HVAC repairs; a failing capacitor, for example, can put excessive strain on your motor, causing your unit to repeatedly start until it eventually overheats and shuts off. When your equipment is dirty, it can also place an additional strain on your AC unit. Loss of freon can also damage your compressor by creating longer run times. Your Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning licensed technician recommends keeping your equipment clean and utilizing one of their maintenance plans to extend the life of your unit and provide a reliable service for years to come.

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