How Do I Know if My AC is Going Bad & How Can I Improve My Air Conditioner Performance in Wales, MA?

The quality of performance from your air conditioner is an aspect that often goes unnoticed by many homeowners. However, a high-performing air conditioner can lead to extended HVAC system life, fewer repairs, and reduced energy bills. When your air conditioner starts to underperform, it is crucial to identify and address the issue as soon as possible. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will walk you through some common signs of performance deterioration and provide troubleshooting tips to ensure peak performance from your HVAC system.

Inadequate Cooling in House

One primary indicator of a potentially major issue is inadequate cooling. If your air conditioner cycles but the indoor temperature remains uncomfortably warm, something’s not right. Failure to reach the set thermostat temperature setting could signal a problem with the cooling system. Possible causes for this could be low refrigerant, a blocked air filter, or dirty coils. If the cooling ability of your air conditioner seems to be compromised, a thorough inspection of your cooling system is necessary to determine the source of the problem. To avoid poor cooling performance, make sure to regular air filter replacements every 1 to 3 months and schedule an annual tune-up for your air conditioner.

Weak Air Flow

Weak air flow from the vents is another sign of poor performance from your air conditioner. The cooling cycle provides the needed chilled air that is sent through the ducts into the designated areas of the home. If the air flow is weak, this could suggest issues with the fan or its motor. The fan may have developed problems such as a damaged or loose belt, a failing motor, or excessive dirt accumulation. Addressing low or weak air flow issues promptly can help prevent more serious problems or damages from developing. If you notice that your air conditioning system has weak air flow coming from the air vents, contact and schedule the services of a professional HVAC technician to come and inspect your air conditioner and its fan motor.

High Energy Bills

Most homeowners quickly notice a major increase in their power bill, which is often a telltale sign of a malfunctioning air conditioner. If your energy bills have skyrocketed without the addition of new major appliances, your air conditioner might be the likely suspect. Excessive power consumption can indicate a problem. However, this could be due to a wide range of issues as well. Common culprits include a dirty air filter or coils, an air duct leak, a failing component, or low refrigerant, among others. A spike in the energy bill should never be ignored. You should have your air conditioning system inspected to determine if the unit is healthy or needs repairs.

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Poor performance from your air conditioner isn’t just something that happens. There is a reason why your air conditioner is not running like it is supposed to that should be addressed. If you notice that your air conditioner is not running or performing like normal, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule our services today.

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