Why is My AC Vibrating So Much in Wilbraham, MA? Need to Replace Anti-Vibration Pads & More

When your air conditioner is running a cycle and you can hear the unit shaking and vibrating, this could be a sign of a problem. Air conditioners have many moving parts and motors that will vibrate the unit. Some vibration is very normal. However, excessive and loud vibrations are not. If your air conditioner is shaking or vibrating too much, Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning will share how to correct excessive vibrations and if the air conditioner unit needs repairs.

Replace Anti-Vibration Pads

Because it is the nature for an air condition unit to vibrate while they are running, the unit sits on vibration pads or also known as anti-vibration pads. The vibration pads help level the unit and reduces the vibration as well as the noise form the air conditioner. The vibration pad can wear down over time and the pads may need to be replaced. The vibration will get progressively worse as the pads wear down. You will want to have the air conditioner checked to see if the vibration pads simply need to be replaced.

Tighten Bolts & Screws to Secure AC Unit

When the air conditioner begins to vibrate more than normal, one of the primary reasons for it are loose bolts and screws. There are many components that uses a number of screws and bolts that hold the components together. Due to the normal vibration that occurs when the air conditioner is running, screws and bolts can become loose. As the bolts and screws loosen, the parts are not as tight as they need to be and you will notice vibrations and even rattling. When there is a lot of vibration and rattling that occurs while the unit is running, you will want to have the unit checked by an HVAC technician to tune-up the unit and tighten down all of the loose screws and bolts.

How Do I Know if Compressor Needs to Be Tightened or has Failed?

An air conditioning system may develop vibrations when the unit’s compressor begins to fail. When the air conditioner’s compressor begins to fail, often the compressor will make a buzzing noise, and as the problem begins to get worse the compressor will shake. The compressor can shake strong enough where it will vibrate the entire outdoor unit. However, if the compressor bolts become loose, even a healthy compressor vibrates. The compressor may only need to be tightened back down in place to correct the vibration. The compressor will need to be checked to see if it only needs to be tightened back down, or if the compressor is failing.

Preventing Vibration With AC Maintenance

A number of vibration problems can be prevented with proper maintenance. During an air conditioner tune-up the entire air conditioning system is serviced. The air conditioner and its moving parts are cleaned and lubricated which helps the air conditioner run smoother and quieter. The air conditioning system is checked for loose components and tightened back down and more. If your compressor is failing it can be replaced before the summer season.

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If your air conditioner is making loud vibrations that need to be corrected, or you want to schedule your air conditioning system for a tune-up and more, contact Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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