Why is Water Coming Out of My Air Conditioner in West Springfield, MA? Clogged AC Drain Line & More

Finding a collection of water under the air conditioner unit is a common occurrence. Since during its normal operation, water is produced, and some is expelled from the unit, leaks can develop from the air conditioning unit. During the cooling process, air conditioner unit will withdraw the moisture from the air, most of the moisture is released and flushed away and the remains are used to assist in cooling. Today, we at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share the basics of air conditioners producing water due to the potential leaks that can occur as the condensation that evolves from the air conditioner needs to drain.

Does High Humidity Affect Air Conditioning?

Air conditioners not only combat the heat in the summer, but also high humidity levels, which is the amount of water in the air. The extra humidity needs to be pulled from the air as well in addition to expelling the heat from the indoor air to ensure the comfort.

How Much Water Condensation from AC is Normal?

By removing the heat, air conditioner can cool the air with the use of refrigerant. Two sets of coils connect with the condensers inside the unit, one set kept hot and the other cool. Inside the coils, the chemicals evaporate and condense, which runs with a continuous cycle and keeps the coils cooled. As the cool air blowing over air condenses on the coils, the cooled coils are able to force the moisture from the air. The water re-evaporates to keep the coils cool and the extra water is released from the unit. Noticing some water is a good indication that the air conditioner is doing its job. If there is water spilling out to unusual areas or freezing over the coils, you do have cause for concern.

Leaking Air Conditioner

A leaky air conditioner does not always indicate you need a pro; however, it is best to contact one since there are many reasons as to why you do need one.

Clogged AC Drain Line

Resulting in leaks and other water damaging issues the water continues to collect even if the drain line is clogged. You or a professional need to remove any clogs if the pipe is not draining correctly.

AC Coils are Frozen

The air conditioner’s performance is significantly impacted when ice forms over the coil. Frozen coils are the result of many sources. If you experience frozen coils, first turn off the system, then wait to check the drain line for clogs, clean it out if any are found and ensure the filters do not need to be cleaned or replaced. Once the ice melts and the tasks are done, turn the cooling system back on. Turn the system off and call a technician for further assistance in the event the coils freeze again.

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Your home will be noticeably warmer and have more humid conditions when the air conditioner fails at efficiency. If you find the A/C simply is not doing its job and you have tried troubleshooting the system, call the professionals of Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning and let our certified technicians make the necessary repairs.

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