2 Story Air Conditioning Tips; How to Increase Airflow & Cool Second Floor in Wilbraham, MA

A home that has a two-story floor plan, offers a beautiful architectural appeal from the outside. It can be a great way to build a larger home without using a large footprint on your lot. When it comes to cooling a two-story home, it can be tricky at times. Many homeowners complain about a hot second story that they can’t seem to get comfortable, no matter what. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning is here to share some tips to help you get more comfortable in the upper level of your home.

How to Keep Upstairs Cool in Summer

There are some simple solutions that you should try before doing anything drastic to your home in an effort to cool down that upper level.
– Change Air Filter: Make sure the filter in your system is clean and not restricting air flow. If you have a pleated filter, consider changing it out for one that is an inexpensive fiberglass filter instead for maximum air flow.
– Close Blinds on Windows: Close the blinds on the windows upstairs when you experience an especially hot, sunny day.
– Clean HVAC System: Get Your HVAC system professionally cleaned and tuned up.
– Open Registers: Make sure all the registers upstairs are open and not being blocked by any furniture or clutter.

How to Make Top Floor Cool in Summer

If simple solutions simply aren’t working to keep your upper level cool, you may take a more drastic approach to the problem.
– Separate AC Systems: You can have a second AC system installed in the upper level of your home if you have room for it in the attic. This gives you the ability to keep the upper floor as cool as you would like without worrying about the lower lever.
– Multi-Stage/Modulating AC System: When you choose a multi-stage or modulating system for your upper level, it will allow the AC system to run at a lower speed for a longer period of time to give you a more even cooling experience. This fights the hot air rising and the cold air falling problem that so many homeowners face.
– Install High Return: If you have a return installed in your upper unit, it can draw air from the highest point and help to cool it down.
– HVAC Zoning: If your ductwork is set up for it, your HVAC professional can install separate thermostats and dampers that only allows the cold air to be delivered to certain areas of the home. Not all duct systems are set up for this though.

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If you are struggling with an upper level that is extremely hard to keep comfortable in your home, you may want to call on the professionals at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning to help you get that second level cooled off. We have several options that can help to keep you cool and comfortable in your home no matter how high the temperature is outside. Call us today!

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