Best Central Air Conditioner System Tune Up Maintenance for Allergies in Longmeadow, MA

It is certain you know someone that suffers from some level of seasonal allergies. Allergies are something that people have trouble with when the plants in their area start to bloom. It can also be from the pollutants that are in the air. It really depends on what happens to be a trigger for that person. Most people have some sort of regimen that they use to help combat when their allergies are at their worst. The other thing you can do is determine what your triggers are and do what can to prevent them. This is easier said than done since you have no control over when the plants in your community are blooming. You also can’t just stay indoors because the quality of the air in the house might be just as bad. It is best to find a way to reduce the amount of allergens that happens to be in your home. This will help you breathe easier when you are home. Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning explain ways to clean your HVAC unit to keep allergens under control.

Change Air Filters

The first area that you really need to address if you feel like the quality of air in your house is suffering is the filters. The house will circulate the air and send it back out after it has been cooled or heated depending on the temperature that you set. You need to find your return air which is often somewhere central in the house and near the thermostat. That is so it can collect the air from all over the house and circulate it around. Behind the return air there is a filter that is blocking the space. It will be covered with dust, dirt and allergens that can easily be loosened from the filter and return back in the air you are trying to breath. You want to be sure you remove the filters and replace them with the right size. This is a great way to keep your unit running efficiently as well as reduce the amount of allergens in the house.

Clean Air Ducts

The air ducts are installed through your entire house to send the air from the unit to each and every other room. The air runs through these metal tubes that can easily become full of the same allergens that can be stuck on your filter. If your air ducts are dirty and full of debris this can be sent through the house causing the allergens to trigger your allergies. You can call out a professional that can come out and clean the air ducts several times a year depending on the needs of your home.

Outdoor Condenser AC Unit Cleaning

Lastly you want to have the actual unit cleaned out. The unit does have some large fans that can be sucking up dirt and debris that will then head right in your house. You can have the unit cleaned off before you start using the unit this spring.

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