Common Boiler Problems in Agawam, MA; Heating Repairs for Kettling, No Heat & More

A boiler is one that rarely requires repair, but it is a complex piece of equipment. Boilers are beneficial as they are highly durable and tend to require little maintenance. Though it does eventually occur over time and use when you do notice problems with your boiler, it is often a surprise. You should take a look at some of the problems you might come across when you own a boiler instead of a forced-air heating system like a furnace. There are two very different systems aside from their ignition systems. Identifying issues can help address any problems, though routine preventative maintenance may be a good option for your home. We at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share common boiler repairs with this in mind today.

Boiler Kettling

Usually, you cannot light a pilot light, making kettling sounds is a major problem. If you don’t recognize the term, such as a loud banging or rumbling coming from the heating unit, you may recognize the sound it makes. It is time to contact a professional if you haven’t already if this happens to your heater. This can evolve into a much bigger issue. Where the disruption comes from is a surplus of minerals in the water supply. Since hard water is common in homes in our area the mineral deposits change the pressure levels in the tank occur in time. A leak can be sprung or dangerous levels that put your home at risk can be suffered from a kettling boiler.

Leaks & Drips from Boiler

One issue that often comes to us as an emergency call is when a boiler begins to leak is another common boiler repair. When the leak is coming directly from the boiler tank, you have got a major problem on your hands. The boiler has likely begun to corrode through, you will be required to make a replacement. Things can be repaired, such as a leak can come from a pressure relief valve or a pump. In some cases, we even find that a supposed leak was only condensation.

Boiler Pilot Problems

Pilot light may not be what it used to be. Heat was always available in the past since you had to light the pilot light and leave it running throughout the day and night. Some boilers still use this method where others use electronic ignition to heat water only when needed. In the event you cannot light a pilot light on your own, you need heating technicians to diagnose pilot and ignition system issues.

No Heat is Being Produced from Boiler

When we get a call about no heat coming from a boiler, there is really no telling what we may find. While the problem could have to do with ignition, there are many possible problems to consider. A pump may be broken, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a safety switch could be stopping the boiler from staying on.

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You should not need to diagnose any problems on your own. To avoid repairs, be sure to schedule maintenance once per year with your local contractors. To help with your boiler service, call the experts at Ambient Heating & Air Conditioning.

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