South Monson Sneaky Air Leaks

Are you trying to keep your energy bill down? Are you trying to be more energy conscience? There are many ways to help with both of those goals but one way in particular is to make sure that the cool air is staying in your home in the summer months and the warm air is staying during the winter months and not sneaking out through leaks. This is an all too common problem and many people are not even aware that this is something that can be easily corrected to prolong the life of your HVAC system and also save you money. Checking where air can be leaking out of your home and correcting it is the only place to start!

Main Source of Air Leaks – Doors and Windows

The main places that air leaks out from your home is through the doors and windows. Most people know this is where air can make its way in and out. Checking for loose windows is the first thing to do. Adding and adjusting the weather stripping around loose windows can stop air from leaking through any tiny gaps. You can also usually see light making its way through exterior doors. Front, back and balcony doors can let in heat and also let the cool air out and vice versa, so looking for gaps and space and replacing weather stripping will help keep the desired temperature of air in your home. There are many other places that air can be leaking from your home without you even knowing.

Small Indoor Air Leaks

Start indoors and look for any of the following areas in your perimeter walls that have a space, crack or gap that needs closed. Taking some caulk from your local hardware store can close up some of the smaller spaces that are slowly releasing the air out of your home. Look at each electrical outlet as well as attic doors, cable and phone line entry points etc.

Exterior Air Leaks

Once outdoors you will need to continue the inspection for air leaks. There are many areas that come together on the outside of your home that can leave a gap. Checking the area around the foundation to make sure that you have no space will be a great start. Go through all the outdoor faucets and make sure there is a tight seal. You can use the caulking again to close off any of these spaces.

Going through your home and looking for all the many ways that air can be sneaking out of your home can be a tedious task. There are so many things that you can miss when looking on your own so hiring a company to take an assessment of your energy efficiency can be a much better choice. Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning offers energy assessments that can help find and seal the areas that the air is leaking out of your home or office. Contact us today!

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