Springfield Sick Building Syndrome

Many of us are experiencing the effects that pollen causes, suffering from spring time allergies this time of year. If it’s not allergies, then the kids have brought home the recent strand of flu, cold or stomach bug that is floating around their schools. Whatever illness we may be experiencing, we usually are aware of the source it came from. However there is a sickness that people experience and may not really be aware of where they contracted this illness from. It is possible that your work place is making you ill, not just in the sense that you are sick of work, but that your work place has literally made you sick. Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a real deal problem. This occurs when your work building experiences very poor ventilation and/or has older construction materials. Off gassing occurs when innocuous materials begin to release high amounts of carbon dioxide or volatile organic compounds. Low ventilation also causes this off gassing activity. When these gases build up in closed spaces over time, they can reach levels that will eventually be very harmful to workers.

Symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome

Some common symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome that workers have reported are sensory irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. General health problems are also common for SBS. Skin irritation and hypersensitivity have also be reported as symptoms of SBS. When the poor ventilated air has potential to be moist or humid, extrinsic allergic alveolitis can occur. This is because now fungi and bacteria can grow in this environment. Headaches, chest tightness, asthma like symptoms and skin dryness are other symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome.

Ventilation and Clean Air

It is important for employers to pay attention to the health of their employees that are working with in their buildings. If complaints are beginning to be a regular occurrence, it is time to investigate the health of your building so you can protect the health of your employees. A happy work place is a healthy work place and healthy employees are hardworking employees. The ventilation in your building is just as important of the functionality of your computers, copy machines and telephones. Do not assume that because the air conditioning is blowing cool that all is well in the air quality of your building. Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning will thoroughly inspect your ventilation system to make sure your employees are breathing in the cleanest air possible. Contact Ambient Heating and Air Conditioning to protect your work place from harmful gasses and SBS.

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